Sauvignon "Imperial Vin" - Editor's choice of the magazine "Alcoholic beverages"


Category: Dry white table wine
Wine of the series: "Fields".
Ingredients: Sauvignon.
Alcohol: 10-13%. Volume: 0,75 l.
Manufactured: JSC "Imperial Wine".

Date of tasting: March 3, 2017.

Place: Editorial offices of "Spirits".

Form of submission: in the form of a finished product.

The tasting involved 5 specialists with experience in the industry from 7 to 16 years. The evaluation was made on a 10-point scale according to the following criteria: color, flavor, taste and aftertaste.

Tasting results:

The wine is transparent, light-straw color with a slight greenish tint. The rim on the surface is very thin, slightly lighter, slightly greenish, slightly shiny.

Rating: 9.72

The aroma is light, fresh. In the varietal bouquet of Sauvignon, light notes of freshly cut grass and currant are distinguishable. One of the experts noted the woody notes in the fragrance.

Rating: 9.76

Light, fresh taste, completely characteristic for the wine of this variety. The dominant tones of the black currant are gradually supplemented with light herbal notes. The aftertaste is light, with a barely noticeable trail. Wine is ideal for salads from seafood and fish, and also it is good to combine with light dishes, which include ripe tomatoes.

Rating: 9.74

Total estimation: 9.74

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Ich bin 21 Jahre alt und habe das Recht, alkoholische Getränke zu trinken!