Year of construction – 2012


·         Total refrigerator area 1400 sq. m;

·         Total cooling chambers area 800 sq.m;

·         Cooling chambers height 6 m;

·         Logistics room 367 sq.m;

·         Logistics room height 5 m;

·         The number of cooling chambers - 10


Simultaneous storage of up to 280 tons of grapes and 720 tons of apples


Capability for simultaneous loading/unloading of 3 refrigerator trucks – two 20-ton trucks and one up to 10-ton truck


Humidity control is carried out by an adiabatic humidifier unit Alfa Laval (Italy)


Adiabatic humidifiers with water spray are used in cold rooms to maintain moisture levels and prevent weight loss and product damage. Quality storage of products is carried out at a humidity of at least 90%


Temperature control is carried out by chillers SCM (Italy)


Temperature operating mode of the refrigerator is -1.5 deg. C to + 18 deg. C


In addition, we offer precooling services prior to product loading into refrigerator trucks


Grape preservation is carried out by preserving agent - sulphur dioxide (SO2), which in combination with fast cooling prevents fungal development (white mold)


The products are stored under Controlled Atmosphere or Ultra Low Oxygen (CA/ULO), or Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere (DCA) conditions


Controlled atmosphere storage in comparison with traditional storage ensures maintenance of better product quality


The SО2 & О2 ratio affect also the biosynthesis of ethylene in fruits and the biological processes of aging:


·         Reduces fruit biochemical activity

·         Slows down fruit ageing and ripening

·         Reduces mechanical stresses inside the product

·         Contributes to maintenance of product taste qualities and increases product shelf life